Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop

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Getting The Love You Want
Couples Workshop

A practical, hands-on weekend packed with information and skills to repair and deepen your connection. The Imago Couples Workshop will expand your understanding of intimate love relationship and give you and your partner practice with relationship skills that take the guesswork out of creating and sustaining a more fulfilling love for you both.

Getting The Love You Want is a workshop for couples based on Imago Relationship Therapy. Imago makes love make sense. The pain and conflict that inevitably arise in marriage is not out of lack of love for our partners, but, rather, is the result of reactive tendencies and underlying needs unmet and often unrecognized. The Imago process helps couples find the healing and growth opportunity "hidden" in their despair. Paradoxically, impasse or conflict in committed love relationship provides the blueprint we need for the fulfillment we seek. Couples invariably experience "light bulb" moments in this workshop, valuable insights, with a new-found compassion into their partner, themselves and their relationship. And the best part - our workshop gives couples practice with relationship skills to put their insights and compassion into action - practical couple skills you will take with you that support and guide partners in creating safety, experiencing connection, healing pain, transforming conflict into growth and co-creating your relationship to be a more conscious and mutual love that lasts, one of passionate friends.

Often compared to 3 to 6 months of weekly private couple therapy

This workshop is for you and your partner if . . .
  • Your relationship is in distress and needs help that will make a positive difference now
  • You long to revitalize a "stuck" relationship into one that's more passionately alive
  • You want to resolve long-standing conflicts and move beyond a difficult impasse
  • You're in a good relationshp; you want to enrich, deepen and make it even bettter
  • Your relationship has nearly broken apart and you are wondering if or how it can be saved
  • You're in a new relationship and want the tools to make your love last
Participating in this workshop, you and your partner can expect to . . .
  • Connect!
  • Learn and practice relationship skills that diffuse defenses and create safety
  • Gain tools that break destructive patterns and stop reactive cycles of relating
  • Discover how the forces that attract you are also the sources of your conflict
  • Gain insight into the root causes of your most difficult issues
  • Learn to channel the energy from your struggles into healing and growth
  • Experience mutual empathy and deepen compassion between you
  • Begin to move from pain to aliveness, impasse to re-connection and from stuckness to creative partnership
  • Learn how to become each other's healers and passionate best friends
This workshop is open to all couples. The weekend is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for all particpants. Couples learn Imago's core relationship skill for connection; this powerful dialogue skill is practiced and built upon throughout the weekend. The workshop format includes lecture, demonstration, personal reflection and written exercises, and break-out partner practice sessions. Couples are invited to share with the group to build a supportive atmosphere, however, no one is pressured into unwelcomed self-disclosure. The workshop emphasis is on partners sharing with each other. The workshop is small, limited to four couples. This smaller group size allows for greater group cohesion and gives Laura Jean the opportunity to provide private assistance to each couple in the break-out practice sessions.

Some comments from workshop participants . . .
  • "We're feeling closer to each other, closer than I think we ever have - something I didn't expect from this workshop."
  • "I feel like I finally have the tools to create the love relationship I've been longing for all my life."
  • "We thought divorce was our only option. I want to tell everyone - do it now, don't wait (like we did)! This workshop has restored our connection and given us a clear path - with new hope."
  • "This is a safe place to work tenderly with your beloved to heal and strengthen your bond."
  • "I felt we were in the hands of a master - Laura Jean helped my partner and I to reconnect and gave us a real plan to go home with. All with joy, humor and love."
  • "I have a new perspective; I didn't know my husband was hurting, too. We have a new way of understanding each other and I have hope."
  • "I was skeptical going in; I thought it was going to be 'he said - she said', but it was nothing like that. No blame. I was pleasantly surprised!"
  • "Laura Jean has the ability to make you feel instantly safe and the courage to challenge you to stretch through the hardest moments."
  • "I feel like I have the tools and the reconnection with my wife necessary to make our marriage work."
  • "I learned more in one weekend than I have learned in six months of couples counseling."
  • "Laura Jean is a gift to this process. Her kindness and wisdom are amazing. Her joy is contagious."
  • "This work is the atomic bomb to sloppy, lazy relationships."
  • "This was a hopeful and empowering experience for me. I'm leaving with a deeper compassion for and connection to both my partner and myself."
  • "It is an organized solution. It makes sense."
  • "This workshop has helped revive and refresh our relationship."
  • "Laura Jean is incredibly real and honest. Her energy is safe, nurturing and encouraging. Her passion is infectious. Her knowledge and love for healing shines through."
  • "I would never have dreamed I would enjoy and learn so much from this workshop."
  • "We learned simple, powerful tools for our relationship."
  • "Thank you for helping us secure our home base. It's hard to be focused and concentrate at our jobs when we feel insecure in our relationship at home. This workshop helped us re-secure our base at home."
  • "This was the best thing we did for our relationship since getting married!"
Based on Imago Relationship Therapy and Getting The Love You Want , By Harville Hendrix

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Workshop Dates and Registration