Keeping The Love You Find Individuals Workshop

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Keeping The Love You Find
A Weekend for Personal Growth

What kind of partner are you? What's it like being in relationship with you? These are challenging questions! Join us - on an adventure of self discovery - where you'll uncover relationship patterns working against you and replace them with successful skills for connecting and creating lasting loving partnership.

This workshop is for:

  • You!
  • All who desire a love for keeps
  • Individuals, Singles and Couples

Perhaps you’ve heard it said: The biggest block to receiving the love we want is our inability to fully love ourselves. Indeed, our shadow parts - those parts of the self to which we are consciously unaware and, yet, act out in relationship - our shadow parts get in the way and block us from fully giving and receiving love. Keeping The Love You Find is an eye-opening workshop, shining light on our shadow parts, helping us “wake up” to our own resistance and unconscious projections in relationship - "missing" parts of the self that sneak up and act out to sabotage what we really want! Relationship, as it turns out, provides a keen road map for relating to our separate self and developing our individual wholeness - it is our best teacher for learning to accept and love ourselves. This compassionate and transformative workshop guides participants in using the mirror of relationship to become more self-aware and, in so doing, grow ourselves into the mutually responsible, loving partners we wish to be - partners who will naturally attract and invite the love we wish to receive.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You'd like to better understand intimate love partnership
  • You desire to improve self awareness and learn more conscious relational skills
  • You are ready to uncover relationship patterns working against you and replace them with successful skills for connecting
  • You want to learn how you contribute to relationship conflicts and how you can contribute to relationship successes
  • You are single and disheartened about meeting the "right person"
  • You are divorced or have been through a break-up and struggling to discover 'what went wrong' and 'what can I learn from my experience'
  • You are married/in a relationship and want to do your own work to repair and/or deepen connection with your partner
  • You are in recovery, wish to improve your relationship and desire to work on "cleaning up your side of the street"

What you can expect from this workshop:

  • An enlightening journey of self-discovery through past and current relationships
  • A deeper understanding of how you re-create the past in present relationships
  • A process for letting go of old hurts and old, self-defeating ways of being in relationship
  • New relationship skills for connection and healthy partnership
  • A personal growth plan based on your new insights
In this lively and informative workshop, participants will be doing personal work and self-exploration, practicing relationship skills in dyads, and participating in group activities. The weekend is designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for all particpants. All are welcome.

Here's What Others Have Said:
  • This workhsop has helped me PRACTICE ways of connecting in relationship. Thank you!
  • I am leaving this workhsop with a deeper understanding about myself and with compassion for my flaws. It was a safe way to face my fears about myself.
  • I came with relationship challenges I was afraid to face. The self-discovery was what I was afraid of, but exactly what I needed. I really enjoyed myself. It was safe.
  • I wanted to heal wounds, learn about myself and grow as a person. The environment was safe. A great experience.
  • I appreciate facing my fears and what I need to know about myself so that I can be a better husband for my wife.
  • I attended this workshop wanting to heal from a broken relationship; it has helped me in immeasurable ways.
  • Wonderful workshop, enlightening and I met a great group of people. It's helpful to be in the company of others who have such diverse lives and backgrounds and to see we are also so much the same. It was a safe and encouraging environment to let my walls down and learn about myself.
  • I am leaving this workshop genuinely curious to know my partner; I truly want to know him without my own agenda getting in the way. It's actually freeing.
  • I feel hopeful about my marriage and my family. Learning about myself has helped me feel less resentful, less trapped and less helpless; I feel more connected, encouraged and free.
  • This workshop prepared us for the challenging, gritty, dirty work we had to do in our marriage - no doubt coming to this workshop set us up for success - we could not have had the deeply healing and connecting experience we've had in the Couples Workshop without it.
  • I enjoyed Laura Jean's welcoming spirit and gentle fascilitation. Her soft yet boundaried approach allows for the creation of safety and sharing.
  • Laura Jean is knowledgeable, compassionate, enthusiastic and safe.
  • I've learned so much! I can be a healthier partner and attract a healthier partner!
  • Laura Jean is compassionate, loving and a wonderful teacher.
  • I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to grow in their romantic relationship.
  • Attending this workshop brought the ideas in the Keeping The Love You Find book to life - I have a deeper understanding of myself. I've learned skills that make sense to me that I can use to foster a healthy relationship. Everyone wants that.
  • I loved it. I loved everything about it - the people, the connection, the safety, the fun and the work. Loved it.

Based on Imago Relationship Therapy and
Keeping The Love You Find , by Harville Hendrix

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Workshop Dates and Registration